Instrumentation Cables Malaysia

Instrumentation cables Malaysia are single or multi-pair/triple signal-carrying elements. They are used to connect instruments and electrical equipment, particularly in plants where process control is

Marine Cable Manufacturer Malaysia

Cable Mart is a leading marine cable manufacturer Malaysia that represents and distributes a wide range of electrical cables for use in the Oil &

Marine Cables Malaysia

Marine cables Malaysia is a cable, normally brake cable or general circuit wiring, used in marine applications. Because of their exposure to water, these cables


H07V-K are wiring cables with thermoplastic PVC insulation for safe, desk-bound installation of internal devices as well as internal or on lamps. They are suitable

Offshore Cables

Offshore cable, also known as oil and gas cable, is intended for power and instrumentation applications on offshore units. The offshore cables serves as a

Malaysia Cable Supplier

Cable Mart known as one of the best Malaysia cable supplier with a wide range of cables that are manufactured to meet the industry’s growing

Cable Supplier

Cable Mart is an industrial cables supplier in Malaysia, specialising in cables for the oil and gas, petrochemical, offshore, and marine industries. We can carrier your business

Thailand Order Fulfillment System

The e-commerce fulfilment solution from iStore iSend easily integrates with major ecommerce platforms to create a streamlined order e-commerce fulfilment process. These integrations streamline order

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